Seiko Astron is the world’s first GPS solar watch

The new Seiko Astron watch is the world’s first GPS solar watch, which means that it’s the first watch to be able to automatically reset to the precisely correct time anywhere on the planet. No more hunting for elusive time zone servers. The secret lies in the fact that the boffins have managed to develop their own very low power GPS receiver, which means they can cram it into a watch without instantly draining the batteries. And how it works is quite cool too.

The watch is clever enough to connect to four or more GPS satellites once a day, and by triangulating it pinpoints its position and adjusts to the precisely correct time. Because it’s solar powered it never needs a battery change, and the thing also sports a perpetual calendar so owners should be good with their timekeeping needs for a few decades at least.

The company has applied for 100 patents on the GPS technology and the case is fashioned with ‘high intensity’ titanium, so expect a price which is eye wateringly expensive for all this high tech magnificence.


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  1. Seiko Astron is the world’s first GPS solar watch I neeeeeed one!

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