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Mac Users Versus PC Users: A Psychological Profile

Don’t you love the often-misguided stereotypes people come up with? Perhaps especially in Apple land, with the famous Mac vs. PC commercials, these stereotypes are apparent. Hunch has put together a clever illustration of this which I think you’ll enjoy.

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Porsche Design BlackBerry

The Porsche Design BlackBerry P9881 was announced back in October, but I have had no information of it coming to South Africa. As a reminder the Porsche Design BlackBerry comes with a casing which is made from steel and leather, plus BlackBerry OS 7 and a single […]

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Get your child an iPad!

Every time I spend time with my nephew or niece, they never fail to ask me if they can borrow my iPad. When I cave and hand it over, they immediately know what to do, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of which apps they want to play […]

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All of Steve Jobs’ Best Moments in One Place

On the news that Steve Jobs biography was the best selling book on Amazon, I started searching for things that people love reading about Steve Jobs. I found a new website called, created by web designer Fabio Fiss as a tribute to Steve Jobs, seeks to memorialize […]

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Why Siri Had to be Released in Beta

As you’re likely not aware, Apple’s new Siri technology was launched as a beta rather than a final release – a move which is especially rare for Apple. But why was Siri released as a beta? A recent blog post from Benoit Maison sheds some interesting light: I worked […]

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How To: Screen Saver As Your Mac’s Background

Firstly, doing this is really a bad idea (but it is really cool). The reason why is it will use about 25% of available CPU performance just to present the screensaver in the background. However, if you happy to sacrifice the performance drop or simply want to […]

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