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Twitter introduces User Galleries Feature

Twitter has added a new User Galleries feature, which brings together all of the photos you have uploaded using the site.

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Paul Budnitz Titanium $5,500 Bikes

If you are looking to upgrade your wheels to something a little more Titanium!. Paul Budnitz has unveiled two Titanium bike models that will definitely make your ride a little more enjoyable, even though you might be $5,500 (R40000) lighter on the financial side. The two models named No.1 […]

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Visual Proof That The iPad Changed Everything

In considering the recent lawsuits in which Apple is suing Samsung for ripping off their designs, one of the most frequent responses is that the very notion of a touchscreen smartphone or tablet is so obvious that the case can’t be pursued. What such commenters fail to realize, however, […]

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Apple Surpasses HP, Becomes Worlds Largest Mobile PC Vendor

According to the latest mobile PC sales estimates from research firm DisplaySearch, Apple is now the world’s largest mobile PC vendor with an impressive 21.1% of the global market, having shipped 13.6 million units in Q2. DisplaySearch’s figures do count both traditional notebook PCs as well as tablets […]

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OS X Lion

Apple last updated OS X two years ago with the release of Snow Leopard. That version of the operating system that runs Apple’s desktop and laptop computers focussed mostly on performance improvements and ‘under the hood’ tweaks. Lion, released this month is a different beast; it has […]

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