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2011 Audi A8 gets factory-installed wireless hotspot option

I heard that the 2011 Audi A8 would be getting a UMTS modem to help with things like Google Earth, and it looks like Audi has now delivered that and more. It’s just announced that the car is the first anywhere to be available with a factory-installed WLAN […]

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First iPad 2 review in South Africa

The iPad 2 is on the cusp of greatness – but I believe in full disclosure. While I have the original iPad, and love it, I always felt that a laptop was a more suitable solution for the majority of people. Now that Apple is back with the second […]

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Steve Jobs Was First Choice For Google’s CEO

Back in 2000, when Google was just getting started, its venture capital backers insisted the fledling company find an experieced CEO to provide ‘adult supervision.’ Venture capitalist John Doerr arranged for Google’s young co-founders to meet with half-a-dozen Silicon Valley CEOs in an attempt to get the process […]

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Turn Your Foursquare Data Into an Infographic

I came across a nifty little tool this week that creates an infographic from your Foursquare data. Built by Stormpixel Studios at a Foursquare Hack Day event in February, the tool creates a simple infographic that displays a world map; your checkin, network and tip counts; your badges; […]

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Sick groom marries bride in Skype wedding

A California couple whose wedding plans appeared thwarted when a lung infection landed the groom in the isolation ward of a hospital were married over the weekend, in a ceremony conducted over Skype. Samuel Kim and Helen Oh, both 27, had friends and family members traveling from […]

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iPad 2 Smart Cover Case Is Amazing

I’m in love with the simple engineering ingenuity of the iPad 2….. case. I never once expected to be taken aback by a case. Especially when the case serves as to protect something new and shiny like the iPad 2. But the newly arrived polyurethane & leather […]

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iPad 2 is here!

Apple today introduced iPad 2, featuring an entirely new design that is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad while maintaining the same 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen and up to 10 hours of battery life. iPad 2 also features Apple’s new […]

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Twitter Suspends @ceoSteveJobs – His Last Tweets

It’s a day of conflicting emotions. On one hand, Apple will today announce the iPad 2. On the other, Twitter has suspended the account of @ceoSteveJobs. For those that don’t know, @ceoSteveJobs was a parody account that tweeted from the perspective of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The […]

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Steve Jobs Almost Received An Honourary Knighthood

Steve Jobs almost joined such Neo-Arthurian luminaries as Sir Elton John, Sir Robert of Hope and Dame Kylie Minogue, according to a former Labour Party politician, who says that the Apple CEO was almost offered a knighthood back in 2009 for his services to technology. According to the former senior […]

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The Facebook “Like” Starts to Replace the Share Button’s Functionality

Facebook is rolling out a change to its social sharing buttons: “Like” will now act a lot more like “Share.” In other words, when you hit that “Like” button to express your thumbs-up approval of a particular site or story, Facebook will now post an update to […]

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