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New Apple iPod nano!

Well, well, well… That rumored touch screen square iPod nano is looking pretty solid right about now. Thanks to our lovely friends in manufacturing in Asia, 3rd party cases have started showing up online for the new iPod nano device. We’re not talking just one either, more […]

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Apple App Store: 250,000 and counting!

Apple’s App Store now has more than 250,000 apps, just two years and a couple of months after it opened. Many blogs now confirm counts of 252,227 active apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. That’s an extraordinary achievement. It means that for every day the App […]

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Google app for iPhone and iPad adds push notifications

In the latest release of its Google Mobile app for the iPhone and iPad, Google has added the long-awaited ability to receive push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendar. You can download the update through Apple’s App Store. To setup notifications, users enter their Google account credentials. After […]

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The iPad Car Arrives: Introducing iBusiness, Your Office on Wheels

For those who like to work when they travel – and can afford a chauffeured Mercedes – news today of the iPad Car!  High end tuning shop Brabus has created iBusiness, a mobile office on wheels.

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Happy 15th Birthday to Windows 95, the Ugly Duckling that Conquered Your Desktop

You’ll be forgiven if Windows 95 doesn’t summon a burst of nostalgia. It was never pretty, often cantankerous, and, for the most part, our only option. But within two years of its release, 70% of the planet was using it. Your own preferences and computing ideology aside, […]

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Your Facebook Friends Are Watching You

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU.  In 2010, that could be replaced with FACEBOOK IS WATCHING YOU.  Or rather, YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK ARE WATCHING YOU.  You and your friends can now post where you are and share this information, if you so chose. Facebook showed off the power […]

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Why iPad 2 Is Coming and What to Expect

There’s been quite a bit of buzz around the next iPad. The one we’re using now is only six months old, but some are already looking forward to the possibility of a new form factor and a new screen size. I expect Apple to release another iPad […]

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Books vs. Movies

It seems that the big book-related debate these days is paper vs. digital. Everyone wants to be the next Kindle, and there’s no shortage of opinions on whether the iPad is a better book reader than an e-ink version. Even children’s book authors have jumped into the […]

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Your mobile phone could be a credit card

Imagine swiping a mobile phone to pay for all the things that you buy! This has just been made possible by latest technology that allows bank information to be stored in your mobile phones’ memory cards. Global credit card giant Visa has entered a partnership with a […]

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Will you buy the new BlackBerry Torch?

Research In Motion unveiled a new BlackBerry aimed at wooing consumers away from Apple’s iPhone and other rivals, but I think the handset won’t blow away the competition. Even though the main features of the BlackBerry Torch, including a touchscreen and slideout keyboard, were well-known within the […]

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